benvenuto sul mio sito internet al momento l'agenda è chiusa mi spiace , e gli appuntamenti sono fino a maggio, aprirò la nuova booking a fine febbraio per i mesi di giugno e luglio, di seguito pero troverai tutte le date in cui sarò ospite in altri studi sia in Italia che all'estero, vi ricordo che il sito viene aggiornato ogni mese con le nuove date .



Welcome to my website at the moment the agenda is closed sorry, and the appointments are up to May, I will open the new booking in late February for the months of June and July, but below you will find all the dates on which I will be a guest in other studies both in Italy and abroad, I remind you that the site is updated every month with the new dates.



agende aperte per l'italia

bari 7-8-9 maggio


booking open FOREIGN DATES

collioure france from 28 to 30 may

SAN FRANCISCO from 7 to 12 july



My name is Serena I was born on April 15th 1987 in Frosinone, a small industrial town near Rome, before becoming a tattoo artist I wanted to be tattooed. My interest in this profession was not born by chance nor does it come from the schools I did: it is a visceral love. I started very late compared to the average, maybe because I'm basically an insecure person and the decision to start tattooing was long and painful. But I took it with my heart, going against everything and everyone. This is exactly what drives me to continually try to prove to myself that I have chosen to become what I really want to be.

I opened my first studio in 2014, the SCRIMSHAW TATTOO in the city where I was born, the name is linked to the world of whales I am very attached to, my favorite book is Moby Dyck, and my dog is called Ahab, the tattoo for me it is the whale of the book, a challenge against my fears.

But after 4 years my little town was the prison of my dream, and I decided to take my whale, and face the world.


Today my studio is located in Rome in the beautiful Pigneto district, every week it hosts a different artist from all over the world, with a team of resident artists who are my family.

Many tell me that my style is immediately recognizable, I honestly do not know this thing, I cannot recognize it as a style, for me it is an interpretation of an idea, the vision of a moment that starts when the client tells me his idea. I can't explain the process, the style I use is only the means to tell the image I have in my head.

In 2015 a client saw on my instagram profile a tattoo I had done in 2013 at home to practice on my father-in-law, taken from an illustration of an artist that I love Dan Hillier, the image was of a man with a head bird, and asked me to make a little girl and instead of a head a Rubik's cube, from there the Little Soul project was born, an idea that has traveled all over the world, because everyone has something on their mind