My name is Serena I was born on April 15th 1987 in Frosinone, a small industrial town near Rome, before becoming a tattoo artist I wanted to be tattooed. My interest in this profession was not born by chance nor does it come from the schools I did: it is a visceral love. I started very late compared to the average, maybe because I'm basically an insecure person and the decision to start tattooing was long and painful. But I took it with my heart, going against everything and everyone. This is exactly what drives me to continually try to prove to myself that I have chosen to become what I really want to be.

I opened my first studio in 2014, the SCRIMSHAW TATTOO in the city where I was born, the name is linked to the world of whales I am very attached to, my favorite book is Moby Dyck, and my dog is called Ahab, the tattoo for me it is the whale of the book, a challenge against my fears.

But after 4 years my little town was the prison of my dream, and I decided to take my whale, and face the world.


Today my studio where I work every day is located in Rome in the beautiful Pigneto district, every week it hosts a different artist from all over the world, with a team of resident artists who are my family.

After the pandemic I wanted more from my life, and to bring the way I conceive a tattoo studio to another city, and together with my dearest friend Gianpiero Cavaliere I decided to open my second Studio the "Greyscale" in the beautiful city of Turin, and thus broaden the family of tattoo artists with whom I collaborate every day

Many tell me that my style is immediately recognizable, I honestly do not know this thing, I cannot recognize it as a style, for me it is an interpretation of an idea, the vision of a moment that starts when the client tells me his idea. I can't explain the process, the style I use is only the means to tell the image I have in my head.

In 2015 a client saw on my instagram profile a tattoo I had done in 2013 at home to practice on my father-in-law, taken from an illustration of an artist that I love Dan Hillier, the image was of a man with a head bird, and asked me to make a little girl and instead of a head a Rubik's cube, from there the Little Soul project was born, an idea that has traveled all over the world, because everyone has something on their mind